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Our Promise

Our person-centred approach to your needs

We strive to improve your quality of life by offering a range of services which are not exhaustive and are tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Our calls range from 30 minutes to 24 hours provision.
It can be long term or short term, temporary or permanent.

We will listen to what you and your loved ones have to say and suggest what support you might need to enable you to remain living at home safely. Sometimes people come to us in an emergency situation, we will always try and help. We do, however, have policies and procedures to follow in order to keep everyone safe and we will need to visit you to ascertain what your wishes are and to ensure any equipment needed is in place.

We will work with any other professionals that you have involved with your care and all staff are trained to complete any logs that might be required to access additional help or funding.

But most of all, we promise to put you and your family at the centre of all of your support.

Our Mission Statement

'We have committed ourselves to providing a high quality service which empowers our service user's to be in control of their own lives by providing guidance and support that allows them to do so.'

Our Aims & Objectives